For the past few weeks I’ve been balancing six different contracts, and let me tell you – it hasn’t been easy.

I’m used to having a constant flow of work but this is probably the first time when six people want the final deadline within a few days of each other. Three accounts were due on the 13th, so that kept me really busy. I’m just finishing up with one that’s due tomorrow and I know for sure that the remaining two are going to be completed within the next 24 hours considering it’s little odd and end work here and there.

I’m lucky enough to be moving on to the next batch of clients as well, another three to complete before the month is up and at least I’m glad enough to be able to reach my financial goals for the month. $5000 went about $2000 over what I was initially expecting but at least I know that the dream of owning a home is getting closer and closer to being reality.

I’ve wandered over to Lending Tree and now have a few banks ‘duking it out’ (so to speak) offering me the best rates. Sean and I have been comparing them for most of the day and weighing all of the options. We’ve found the property that we want, that’s going to run us about $30,000. It’s cleared land with basically nothing there but some trees and I want to assume some deer considering the vast amount of woods that are behind the lot. We’ve got the floor plan of the house we’re looking into as well. 2500 sqft, but that will more than likely be around 4000sqft by the time we’re done with it. Manufactured homes obviously don’t have basements, we’re going to have foundation poured for a basement then if Palm Harbor can’t do it for us, we’ll work with a private contractor and get the exact same setup but with the extras needed in order to get the basement taken care of.

I’m someone who likes the idea of storage, so having a basement instead of losing one of the bedrooms seems to be the better route to take. Once that’s completed we’re adding an extension onto the house for an in ground pool. I figured I’d just hand Sean and his brother a shovel and let them start digging that one out. It’ll give them something to do and from the get-go I know all power tools (and my walls) will be safe from harm. I know it seems like I’m going to extremes, the entire project is really only going to run about $150,000 knowing the cost of the house and what other steps are going to need to be taken. As of right now I can get $200,000 so that leaves more than enough money to furnish the place and start getting the bills in order.

In any event, time to get back to work. The money won’t make itself.


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