Eco-Friendly Notebook Manufacturers

I’m not surprised to hear this one, I’m also quite happy with it as well.

Apple – Apple tackles recycling through take-back programs that enable both business and consumer users to dispose of hardware in an environmentally sound manner. Since Apple’s first take-back initiative began in Germany in 1994, the company has diverted more than 21 million pounds of electronic equipment from landfills worldwide, and the company is RoHS-compliant. Apple’s eco-friendly policies extended beyond notebooks; the company’s recycling program covers iPods and any cell phone, regardless of the manufacturer or model.
— Learn more about Apple’s environmental initiatives.

HP – When it comes to recycling, HP is one of the most prolific; the company has been offering services since 1987. Since the late 1980s, HP has recycled more than a billion tons of hardware and print cartridges (and the company expects to hit the two-billion ton mark by 2010). HP has recently announced a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to allocate more than $2 million in cash and equipment to the nonprofit for establishing three projects aimed at addressing the causes of and solutions to global climate change. Last but not least, the company has teamed with Dell, Google, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, and others to launch the Climate Savers Computing initiative, which has a goal of saving $5.5 billion in energy costs and of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 54 million tons per year. HP meets the requirements of the RoHS Directive.
— Learn more about HP’s environmental initiatives.


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