Drooling over Lan Configurations

Knowing from the get-go that one to two of the rooms in my new home are going to be an office, I’ve been looking into many different possibilities.

A big thing for me is how the office is going to be setup in general and something tells me I’m going to be looking into either LAN Racks or computer carts. I have my desktop, I’ll have the screen on my laptop fixed at some point in the near future and I know for sure that I’ll be purchasing an iMac in the very near future so as much desk space as humanly possible is something I consider to be very important.

The bedroom we’re in now is about the same size room as I would need in regards to an office so a massive L-shaped LAN station would be more than enough room to cover everything I need. I don’t like the idea of computers being right on top of each other so naturally I’m going to look into getting a setup with as much space as possible. Another big thing for me is storage, I hate not being able to store things away. So between each of these computer stations I’m more than likely going to need filing cabinets and above on the shelves will need to be plenty of room to house supplies as well.

I’m also going to need one side table for my laser printer because I really do quite a bit of printing when keeping my clients in order. I’m probably more organized than anyone else I know but I think I spend more time attempting to organize than I do getting real work done in the end, if that makes any sense heh.

Another thing I’ve also been considering is a drafting table. I’m going to have a scrapbooking/art section setup in the office as well for downtime because that’s the only way for me to really relax between deadlines.

Guess that $150,000 loan is going to have to be stretched pretty thin, huh?


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