Business is booming!

Running your own web design business isn’t easy when you’re currently over run with clients and you don’t have anyone you trust enough to outsource the work to. I had to turn a few people away this week and that really bothers me. The rise in clients was my new favorite resource – LEADS! Old bosses have finally given up their little secret and let me tap into their leads database and now things are kind of just going from there.

I’m sure I’ve spoken about in the past, but they’re more than worth it for those looking for leads in all the wrong places. AIMPromote will give you the RIGHT places. With a single account you can manage and run your business with so much ease you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. I’m talking about this in regards to Web Design work but trust me, advertisers and many other marketing/business ventures are using this same software.

They want you to save time and money by automating as much of your sales process as you can. Their marketing automation process is pretty easy. By supplying 32 possible automated actions that trigger 9 possible conditions – you can now allow your salespeople to actually work leads rather than waste time with consuming small tasks.

Now I’m not telling you to go out and invest in Lead Management CRM Software. I am saying that if your business is large enough to the point that you need help – this would be the route to take. When you’re just starting out you don’t always need to have a program doing the work for you. However, I will say that if you jump on the train earlier on in the game, it’ll be a smooth ride over the course of your career.


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