Digital Scrapbooking

The digital age has dawned! Don’t let your lack of knowledge leave you in the dark. Consider these 20 reasons why you should dare to dabble in digital.

1 – Save Space. Digital scrapbooking takes up only as much room as your computer. No need to turn that spare bedroom into a scrapbook studio.

2 – Lose the mess. Forget tiny scraps of paper all over your desk! All your work is right on your computer, and cleaning up is as easy as closing a window on your screen.

3 – Get perfect photos. At the touch of a button, a computer allows you to crop a photo, enhance its color, and make it its shining best.

4 – Pick a font, any font. Find a million fonts online for free and for a fee. Love your handwriting too much to let it go? You can turn it into a font at various sites.

5 – Cut down on supplies. You don’t need adhesive on digital layouts. The same goes for circle cutters, punches, paper trimmers, and other traditional tools.

6 – Buy once. After you purchase digital elements, you can use them again and again. Plus, you’ll never have to store scraps from your leftovers.

7 – Get instant gratification. Ever find yourself in the wee hours of the morning trying to finish a layout and missing the perfect embellishment? Go shopping! Digital stores are open 24 hours a day, and you can download your purchases instantly.

8 – Satisfy the perfectionist. With digital scrapbooking, you can redo things as many times as you want. Every change is just a click away.

9 – Pack it up. If you’ve got a laptop, you can scrapbook in an airplane or on the beach. Go where your family is and find a spot to perch.

10 – Match colors. With the eye-dropper tool, you can copy colors from your digital elements or photos. Who doesn’t like to color-coordinate?

11 – Experiment. Discover a new style or scraplift a favorite designer by playing in this easy-to-fix manor.

12 – Take a shortcut. Skip dragging out the sewing machine by using digital stitches. Or ink the edges of your photos and layout with digital overlays. The possibilities are nearly endless.

13 – Save time. Easy-to-use templates and page kits allow you to just drag and drop photos for a finished layout.

14 – Play dress up. Incorporate digital pizazz onto your photos by adding fonts or brushes.

15 – Preserve with ease. Back up high-resolution images onto a CD or DVD for future generations to enjoy.

16 – Scan in. Beyond making printed photos into digital ones, you can use your scanner to create fun backgrounds.

17 – Grab freebies. Digital shops like to lure you with freebies. You can download free kits and sample most designers’ work before making a purchase.

18 – Share your work. It’s easy (and cheap!) to e-mail or print digital pages for family and friends. Keep a stash of glossy paper around for on-the-fly printing.

19 – Shape up. Need a cute accent to match the theme of your page? Look no farther than your computer. Free dingbats are available in almost any theme.

20 – Undo, undo, and undo again. It’s never been easier to fix a flub. You can click on Undo as many times as you like and seamlessly return to the design you want. No wasted supplies either!

The best way to master your computer scrapbooking tool is by simply playing. Start creating now!


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