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I’m a pretty big fan of all things content management, mainly because of how much effort I’ve put in to building my own database up with client information and website outputs over the course of the last few years. Sure, when it comes to the web pages themselves, I hard code everything, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t have a database waiting in the wings to keep a backup of everything.

Today I came across a new content management component. It’s called EPAZZ and they’re offering a 30 Day Trial for their system called Boxes OS (v3). It’s created to include more features than I ever thought possible, and was created in a way to work with numerous industries as well. I’ll just give a quick break down of what their system offers:

BoxesOS Features
Intranet: Corporate, Employee
Portal: Customer, Student, Alumni
Web Collaboration: Solution, Online
Document Management: e-portfolio
Content Management: Website
Learning System Management
Central Knowledge Repository
Workflow Engine: Approval Process
Scheduler: Share, Group, Event
Membership: Community, Alumni
Enterprise Integration Broker: ERP, CRM, Relationship software, Reports platform

I was unable to locate any pricing on their website but this is based on the fact that they price based on the level of customization required for your business. Naturally your home-based business of no more than 3 people (max) isn’t going to be any where near what corporate offices pay but that’s the thing I like about this particular service.

I’ve done quite a bit of research into content management systems. Yes, cPanel offers you a few freebies but there’s NOTHING to compare with the heavy-hitters like Boxes OS when it comes to how things are handled. The running theme with a lot of the ones I’ve come across on Script Download sites, was the price range. Corporations could pay the exact same price as say someone using it just to run a single website with say two owners involved. I don’t find that fair at all, honestly. The small business owner is spending big bucks, say $1,000 for arguments sake, on a script to maintain their business. A big corporation spends the same amount of money and it handles their 5000 employees and clients. The small-business owner is being jipped out of money, and the corporation is shelling out ‘chump change’ to improve their business.

I don’t know, I just look at everything in this light considering the circumstances. So I have to say that EPAZZ is doing a cool thing by customizing it to the scale of your business. Sure, if you’re looking to expand in the future you may pay for a service that provides 10 people with the ability to get something done, but you’re spending a lot less than someone with say 1000 people to work with the same program. I LIKE THAT!


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