Cellit Mobile Marketing

Cellit Mobile Marketing is a premier provider of mobile marketing solutions, for both large and small companies. We help you reach out to your customers in ways that previously weren’t possible. Through their sister sites, House4Cell and CouponZap they make it easy for their smaller clients to manage their own mobile marketing campaigns. They also have the tools and proven expertise to help larger organizations with more advanced, custom mobile campaigns.

That’s just a quick break down from their website. I personally had to do some digging because as someone who’s “small business” is limited to literally two people (sitting right next to each other) you really don’t feel the need for mobile marketing solutions when you really only need a cellphone in order to get in touch with someone. The following is just a quick break down of exactly what their services provide.

Coupon Zap – With Coupon Zap, small business owners can create trackable mobile coupon campaigns and measure the effectiveness of their current print advertising campaigns. They provide text-to-vote, text-to-win, text-for-info, alerts, customized appointment reminders and coupons in general.

House4Cell – House4Cell is the undisputed leader and innovator in the world of real estate text messaging, and provides the following additional value-added services: Property Photos, Click-to-Call, Fax and Email Brochures, Property Mapping, Follow-up “Blast” Alerts.

Cellit offers custom solutions with in-venue displays, WAP sites and Binary Downloads, even Premium SMS services and mobile data access.

A quick list of their clients include: P&G, FastCompany.com, Friendlys, Dell, Phillips, GPTMC, eMusic, HSBC, Marie Claire, Veri Sign, VisitLasVegas.com, AIDS Walk Los Angeles, Krystal, GPS Insight, Sothebys, Prudential, SAPA, Remax, Case Stack and Vesuvio.

I found this entire list to be very interesting considering Friendly’s is a restaurant that I’ve frequently visited for the last 22 years, HSBC is the company I’m looking into a loan with, and Remax is the company I’ve been looking through in order to purchase a home in Ohio in upcoming months. It’s strange when you find out new and interesting things about the BACKEND of companies you frequent.

If you feel this company can work for you, I’d say check them out.


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