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I noticed a strange trend with a lot of the students I went to high school with. Now, I’ll admit that more than half of the females are working on their second (and even third child) beyond that there’s a lot of drug and alcohol abuse but these people were addicted by the time they were Sophomores so there’s no real surprise there. One thing that I wasn’t expecting where all of the military careers.

I know of two friends that are over in Iraq, one of which is in ‘serious’ condition due to a road-side bomb. I can vouch for one death of a friends relative thanks to this war, and the list kind of just goes from there. I understand their reasoning behind going into the US Military. I do know that for the bulk of them 9/11 had quite a bit to do with it. On top of that I know that there’s also a high level of training involved. I do believe that the military will also pay for college after you’re done serving your country. I don’t think I know anyone getting to that point yet. You hear of it all the time on TV commercials but you never actually know of it first hand. I’m sure others have, I just personally am ignorant on the subject.

When I was in say 9th grade, I met a guy named Jay online. We’ve been talking to each other for years, I actually host him ( He’s been in the Navy for as long as I can remember. He’s done a lot of traveling and seems to be rather happy with the life choice he’s made. I should really get up to Groton, CT one day, it’d be nice to see him all spiffed out in his uniform heh.


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