Can you call in for vacation time when you’re self-employed?

It’s been pretty easy for me to get side-tracked while I’m on my quest for finding a home. Knowing that we really can’t do much until we know for sure that the loan is in our pockets, we’ve been thinking of all of the possibilities. But at the same time, we’re also considering a much-needed vacation considering how hard we’ve been working lately.

I spoke to my Aunt a few days ago, she’s getting ready to head back down to Florida because she owns a Villa/Time Share located somewhere near Disney. That got me thinking about a future trip to Florida for Sean and I. The thing is, while we’ve found some Orlando Villas to be gorgeous we also aren’t big fans of heat and know that minus the Winter, it’s pretty warm down there. We’re already battling 100* weather thanks to a new “warm front” (more like a heat wave) has hit us. It was gorgeous last week but this week the heat has come back with a vengeance and it sucks!

We bounced around from hot-spot to hot-spot and decided that if we’re going to take a vacation, we’re going to look for somewhere a little bit colder. Yes, there are two pale programmers in this office looking to get even further away from the hot sun. I spend a lot of time outside during the day because an annoying client usually means it’s time for a smoke-break for me. Because of this my arms and legs aren’t THAT pale, but I could definitely sit in the sun for a few hours, so could he.

Maybe Orlando wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.


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