Business Resources: Branding Test

I came across a resource for business owners that I found rather interesting.

It’s called a Branding Test. It’s a series of questions that you answer based on your product/business. You answer a series of questions and base your answers on a scale from 1-10, 10 naturally being the highest regard. After you’ve completed the 12 questions, you’re asked to type in your name and email address to collect your information. From there you’re given your results and you then have the option of emailing them to ask for advice on how to improve your branding efforts and increase your market share.

I did some more reading into this company because I was certain they didn’t just focus on business solutions. They’re also a web design / SEO firm with quite a bit of work under their belt. I found their portfolio to be rather inspiring, especially considering my design funk at the moment. They have a unique take on graphic styling, that’s for sure. Considering the high page rank, I assume that this company knows what they’re talking about so if you’re at all interested in any of their services then be sure to check them out.


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