Building a server.

Sean and I sat down and went through all of the extra computer parts that we seem to have all over the office, it’s great to clean things up but even greater to know that within all of these pieces, there are two solid computers that can be built. Having extra hard drives, mother boards, and other key components laying around can always be a cool thing if you’re looking to build a home-based server, the only problem is that out of everything we have we’re missing a key element in getting a computer to even work: RDRAM.

PPPSo I went poking around the net to see if we can find the best deals and came across, they have some pretty inexpensive packages that will more than likely do the trick. While we don’t particularly need it ourselves, the site also has a “how to” section where they explain how to install the RAM you’ve just purchased. I like how-to sections, they’re fun. The one computer we’re working on is an Alienware setup that was chopped for parts when Sean bought his new computer, so I went looking around to see what mobo’s would handle it. I was lucky enough to find 1GB (2×512) PC1066 RDRAM for about $515, which is a great price considering everywhere else I looked was in the $530-$600 range, some sites were even more then that.

Hopefully we’ll have something setup soon!


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