I’ve written about Bloggers-R-Us in the past. I’m only writing up another entry now showing how valuable I believe this site is to the blogosphere.

They’re still a fairly new site looking to gain some exposure. The site houses articles based on everything from blog marketing to plugins for your website and each article has a pretty strong break down of exactly how each site/plugin they’re talking about will benefit you.

A current article is in regards to paid blogging. This is something I do on a regular basis to bring in some extra income here and there throughout the month. Design work is great but reaching and exceeding goals due to the extra income is always a great thing. Deb, one of the authors of this site, goes on to say that put more value into non-paid entries than paid content. In the end, it does help with hits because no visitor wants to see sponsored entry after sponsored entry listed on your website. They want to see more what your site is based on instead of what it’s not. I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve come across that are say fashion related, for example, but are talking about drug rehabilitation and real estate. Stop taking every single offer you can find for monetary value and really work on what’s important to your site, not to your wallet. When your blog reflects good quality and original creative content, your blog will thrive.

Words of wisdom from a site that will do very well if they keep it up!


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