Better Banking with Savings Accounts

An important aspect to getting ahead in life is to be financially stable. With this, an obvious need is going to be a savings account. Yes, you can keep all of your spare money in a box underneath your bed but you can’t gain any interest on something under your bed, and there may even be money missing out of it over time depending on whether or not you can trust those who you live with.

SavingsAccounts.comSometimes it’s hard to know where to go with your funds. Banks offer many different kinds of accounts and every back is different as far as interest rates are concerned as well. As far as I know, thanks to a trusted resource, FNBO Direct is the #1 rated bank with 6% interest available to those using their banks for their savings accounts. It’s sad to find out that while my old bank, WAMU, does rank on their website – it doesn’t rank that high it does as far as full service banking but checking is important to me. However, one that’s located in Delaware (and rather high on both lists) that I’ve been considering is HSBC and they offer 5.05% interest and rank second on the list for that, third for Full Service. That alone is reason enough for me to look further into that bank. I wouldn’t have known this if the internet wasn’t such a trusted resource when it comes to things like this.


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