Been a busy weekend…

I haven’t been around for a few days, this is mainly because of how busy I’ve been with working on other things. I didn’t want to do it but clients had to go on the back burner this past weekend due to things that were beyond my control. I’m still looking for loans, this way things can start moving along with Sean and I and we can get out of here as soon as possible – at this point.

The problem at the moment is the fact that my credit card is much higher than his and he’s been looking into as many resources as humanly possible. Naturally this is including everything from Credit Card Consolidation to the much needed Debt Relief in general. He got his hands on a credit card when he turned 18, from then he made the typical 18 year old in college kind of purchases. A computer, digital camera, and other things here and there. One of the cards gave him a $2,000 limit, that was maxed out. And he’s got another card with a $500 limit that’s also maxed out, but this I believe was his emergency card. While he’s working his butt off and trying very hard to get this cards paid off, his low credit score is kind of putting all of the financial needs in my lap when it comes to getting a loan or even being approved for a mortgage at this point.

We’ve found the perfect home for us, thankfully it’s on a tax sale at the moment so we can more than likely pick it up in the $15,000 range. I know that may not seem like much but while we do make about $4500-5000 a month combined income, mine being more than half of it, also comes with outgoing expenses as well. I have servers to maintain, and other bills to pay. I do have an Amex business card with no current credit limit but I don’t want to put the entire cost of the house ON the credit card and then deal with the 20% interest rates that come with a purchase this large.

I really don’t know what to do, but I also know that I really just want to get out of here so any route that we take would be an improvement. I just wish it wasn’t so difficult. I swear if $20,000 would just fall into my lap – I’d be the happiest person in the free world right now.


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