Baby’s going bald!

One thing that men and women hate to admit to is when they’re going bald. Hubby’s hair-line is running away from his forehead but as someone who’s in his early 20’s this more than likely scares the heck out of him.

So to be a pest I looked into some resources and came across Florida Hair Transplants. It’s run by a man named Dr. Larry Shapiro who does hair transplants for both men and women in South Florida. The unique thing about him is that he’ll personally arrange for you to have the ability to talk to any of his past clients about their personal experience with him. He also has a lot of information on his website about what to be aware of when getting a transplant, there are also testimonial videos of client experiences.

Dr. Shapiro has over 17 years of experience and has performed over 10,000 transpants. His site houses information about the procedure, giving you a step by step break down of the services they provide for you. He’s expanded over the course of the last 17 years and has two locations, one in Hollywood Florida, the other in Delray Beach Florida. They’re office hours are 9am to 7pm and they have 24 hour answering service to help you with your needs. A cool thing for me is a note on their locations page. “For out-of-town patients, discounted travel incentives are available for accommodations and transportation.” I’m an out of towner and my hubby’s losing his hair – I could use this guy, heh.

Hubby claims his hair loss started around the same time I moved in, it was all over the bathroom long before I moved in so I can’t be held accountable for anything. My father, on the other hand, put up with me for 22 years so I’ll take some kind of blame there, maybe even treat him to a transplant in the future, he’s getting a little thin up top but does still have a lot of hair to cover the ponytail in the back (not a mullet, just pulled back long hair). Something I’ve explained to him, however, is that he leaves his hair up on a regular basis so the follicles are being pulled back and that’s why they easily break off.

Growing up in a salon you learn a thing or two about hair. heh.


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