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I have quite a few lawyers in my family so keeping up to date on many aspects of law is always an important thing for me.

Two lawyers are corporate/business based, another is a personal injury attorney and it’s unfortunate that I’ve spent more time dealing with him than I have with the other two. I’ve been in a few car accidents in my day, one of which brought in a $30,000 settlement that I was able to get when I turned 18. After that it was just a series of little incidents because of animal bites and slip and fall based cases for both friends and family alike.

While I do not agree with the fact that someone will attempt to sue just because you sneezed in their direction this doesn’t mean that those with valuable cases should be discounted. Car Accidents are a big one for me, mainly because it’s been the cause of quite a few of my health related issues to this day, having a personal injury attorney in the family, or even just in your address book, it really is worth it in the end. Naturally I’m going to lean towards one that I’ve worked with before but knowing that I’ll be moving again soon, it’s important to locate ones in my general area as well. I’m not anticipating any problems but it’s good to have one on hand in case I do ever need it, even if I don’t get in contact with them until the time of need.

There’s a site called where you can search for a personal injury attorney that won’t cost you millions of dollars in the end. The site is very easy to use, and you aren’t limited to just personal injury. The database includes everything from admiralty to transportation. Type in your ZIP code and you’re then given a break-down of the area you live in from there you choose the area and are brought to a page where you fill out one simple form and get responses from general practice attorneys competing for your case. You can email up to 10 different law firms in just one click. From there you review your responses and choose the right attorney for you.

If you’re someone who’s in the process of looking for an attorney, head over to It’s worth it.


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