I don’t like how FedEX doesn’t update their systems on the weekend. I’m itching to find out when my monitor is going to get here. I know I have a pretty busy week ahead of me so I’m up pretty late trying to get my desk cleaned off in case it shows up this afternoon. I’m almost positive that it’s coming out of Ohio, maybe even Pennsylvania (I know the last one did) so I’m certain it will be here in absolutely no time considering it was shipped out on Saturday morning. I knew I ordered it at just the right time!

I’ve been doing some upgrading here and there. Clearing out the unused programs on my computer, getting some files removed off my external because Sean more than likely put them on there when he was borrowing the drive to do some file backups. It’s nothing important, I asked first, I just saw that it was taking up about 10GB of space and that just had to go. I have an iTunes collection to think about, you know?

His birthday is coming up soon, and I have no idea what to get him. He already put a down payment on Halo 3. Some legendary edition that’s going to cost about $140 (or something like that). I was going to get him a $150-$200 gift card to EBGames but this past month I bought him a charge kit so he can do his 24 hours of Halo and not have to keep switching out the batteries, so that knocks some money out there. I just feel like I should get him more, I don’t know. As much as he hates it, I may wind up buying him a set of monitors. For some reason he hates mine because he claims there’s a weird blur in the middle of the screen. I personally don’t see it though, guess I’m used to it or something.

I found a decent priced 20″ Widescreen at BestBuy, I would just have to actually LOOK at it to see if it’s the one he wants. I figure two of those will be a reasonable gift, considering he’s working on two CRT’s at the moment – both of which are dying a very painful death. They also give off A LOT of heat, more than his computer and he’s got a server running over there, so I figure that’ll help with the electric bill as well. We won’t need the AC on so often, and he’ll actually have a desk again.

I don’t know, I have some more cleaning to do and maybe I’ll get some quick work done so I can get to sleep. It’s almost 4am at the moment, I’ve only been up for 13 hours at this point so I don’t see myself crashing until 8am – at the latest. :sigh:


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