Another advertising technique!

A few days ago I spoke about many different routes that one can take with advertising for their business. I listed the free and inexpensive ways of going about this, but up until today didn’t even think about this next set of options.

PPPI can’t tell you how many pens, cups, and mouse-pads I own that have businesses names on them. These forms of business promotional products are a common staple with businesses all over the world. Some only have basic text such as a company name, maybe a website address and almost always a contact number. They range from pens to mugs, and even golf balls – yes, I said golf balls. The image on the side is proof. Some people are shocked to find out that this form of advertising isn’t going to cost you thousands of dollars either. Sure, if you want to mass-produce 5,000 units and hand them out to everyone you see, that’s great. But if you’re someone who happens to leave little things all over the place, then at least have your name on them. This is where the pens come in, naturally.

It’s not considered littering, if you happen to be filling out a check and ‘forget’ your pen that so happens to have your business information on it, the following person will more than likely pick it up and either pocket it (only to later find out what your business is about) or they’ll possibly remember this address, leave the pen, and the following person will do the same. Now, I’m not saying to just walk around from store-to-store with 200 pens strapped to you, but it’s another route to consider eh?


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