Addictions can be educating…

While I’m no where near needing help for it, I’ve been a gambler for most of my life. I’m not talking about going bankrupt by sitting at the poker tables all day. I mean little things here and there just to see if I’ll hit it big with the lottery. I’ve been getting take five, power ball, mega ball, and even scratch offs ever since I turned 18. I’ve also been lucky enough that when I was younger, a few would show up in the birthday cards. Oddly enough, I wound up winning more money when someone else bought me the ticket then when I purchased it myself!

While being a fan of something, I like to look into every aspect of things just to gain new information on a specific subject. So naturally when I’m able to find things out like who makes the pull tabs, scratch cards, and other instant win games (lottery or other) I’m instantly intrigued by it. While I’m unsure of if created the same tickets that I’ve been scratching off for years, this doesn’t mean that the promotions and contests that I’ve been involved in locally didn’t go through them. Scratch offs can be a lot of fun for everyone, no matter what the prize. Pulling out your lucky penny to get the silver film off of a piece of paper is exciting. If you happen to lose, oh well! There’s just a few little scratchings to clean off, nothing that you can’t handle – right?

PPPLet’s say you won though. Lets say that you picked up a $1 scratch off at the supermarket and thought “This could be the ticket”, say it’s an 8’s game (there are so many out there I figure the simplest would be crazy 8’s). By the time you’re done quickly scratching the film off the page, you reveal three hallowed 8’s. You bounce up and down in excitement as you scratch off the “Prize” box to reveal that you’ve won say $50. Yes, that doesn’t seem like much, but you spent $1 so you now turned your $1 investment into a $49 profit. What would you do with the money? Put it away for bills? Continue grocery shopping but picking up some extra things you didn’t think of before? Save it for maybe a special night out with the hubby/wifey?

The possibilities are endless!


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