Acting funny!

I’ve noticed a few issues popping up with my computer recently and I honestly have no idea where they’re coming from.

Part of me wants to think that I’m just overworking my processor considering I’ve had Adobe running for the last three days without a reboot. However, this computer was built specifically to handle big graphics based programs. I’m sure I could increase the ram and put in a new dual processor but I’m saving up that kind of money for when I switch all of my graphics over to the iMac.

Based on recent reports, it seems I’m going to have to get the brushed steel model and furthermore, I may have to buy a new iPod sometime within the next week or I’ll be given the new version that I just don’t want. I want a clickwheel and Apple has explained that they’re no longer making the click wheel. The new iPods are going to resemble the iPhone in that there are absolutely no buttons on it. I don’t like the iPhone, so why the hell would I want an iPod to look the same way?


I can skin the iMac, that isn’t such a big deal to me anymore. I like click wheels. I like buttons in general. This blows.


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