Acne Treatment

While I was lucky enough to not have a severe case, when I hit puberty I was also hit with some fairly annoying acne. I went through every possible acne treatment in the book and was never able to find one that really worked for me. At first I tried Proactive because that was the one that everyone seemed to make such a big deal out of, I’m not sure why considering it never did anything for me but burn and leave very uncomfortable marks all over my face.

I spent years searching for every possible solution, from over the counter to prescription strength but they truly just didn’t work for me. Tonight I came across an acne treatment named TriClear which is a 3-step acne system thats formulated to quickly treat acne while leaving skin both hydrated and clear. Proactive wasn’t that way for me at all, it left me so dry that on top of the acne I was dealing with flaking, it was as though the top layer of skin was being burned off for me. I know that when you first try out a new product, it does take some time in order to work properly for you, I just couldn’t handle the pain. I can also say that if you use a product for too long, your skin becomes immune to it. I want to assume that since treatments have come a very long way over the years, this new product will more than likely stop that from happening so quickly.

The TriClear system includes a Purifying Cleanser, Repairing Gel and Revitalizing Cream. The formulas within these products have been proven to reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes and redness within 7 days or less. The products do not contain chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide which is known to cause drying, redness and flaking. This is the one aspect of acne products that I absolutely can not stand.

I’m fortunate enough to not have to deal with acne at this point in my life, but I know for sure that I’ll consider the TriClear solution in the future considering I have a glimpse into my skin-based future (older family members) and I’m sure that any future breakouts will come back with a vengeance that spot-treatment with Toothpaste can’t fix anymore.


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