80% Completed

I’m close to finishing up a few new things around here. I’m working on a new template, getting some screen shots together for the portfolio and kind of moving around from there.

I’ve decided to get rid of all of the screen shots that are just way too old to be of any value. I know exactly how many templates I’ve worked on, I don’t need to go back through my archives and take a screen shot of every last one of them. The templates for the 2007 season (thusfar) are all that really need to be there. They’re easy to come by and most of them are still uploaded on my WP test site for the client themes, so that solves that.

There will finally be the free templates for download, I just have to tweak a few things here and there.

I’m also sick of the roundness here, so I’m changing things up and throwing up some color. It’ll take me a few days to actually get things finalized but at least I won’t have to look at this thing anymore.


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