Discount Shopping

I just found a site named where you can share discounts and coupons with users around the world. There are tens of thousands of coupons for thousands of stores, and you can actually find the ones that work! All the coupons are user rated and by default you can only see the working coupons, no need to fish through the expired ones anymore. I go through quite a few websites on a regular basis looking for electronics coupons, but I’ve always found myself having to search through expired ones before I could get to where I needed to be. The thing I like about this new site is that there’s also a discount blog that’s filled with money saving tips, printable coupons and even hot deals. With the numerous amount of sites I frequent, I have to say that…

Starting a Company?

When I first started out with AGn Designs, Google searches of how to go about Starting your own company didn’t really bring up very much for me. However, eight years later, I was able to find something, while it’s of no true use to me, that’s a great resource for everyone looking to get their business up and running.


I don’t like how FedEX doesn’t update their systems on the weekend. I’m itching to find out when my monitor is going to get here. I know I have a pretty busy week ahead of me so I’m up pretty late trying to get my desk cleaned off in case it shows up this afternoon. I’m almost positive that it’s coming out of Ohio, maybe even Pennsylvania (I know the last one did) so I’m certain it will be here in absolutely no time considering it was shipped out on Saturday morning. I knew I ordered it at just the right time!

Content Management: Boxes OS

I’m a pretty big fan of all things content management, mainly because of how much effort I’ve put in to building my own database up with client information and website outputs over the course of the last few years. Sure, when it comes to the web pages themselves, I hard code everything, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t have a database waiting in the wings to keep a backup of everything.

Building a server.

Sean and I sat down and went through all of the extra computer parts that we seem to have all over the office, it’s great to clean things up but even greater to know that within all of these pieces, there are two solid computers that can be built. Having extra hard drives, mother boards, and other key components laying around can always be a cool thing if you’re looking to build a home-based server, the only problem is that out of everything we have we’re missing a key element in getting a computer to even work: RDRAM.

Recycle Your Cell Phone

I was cleaning out the kitchen today to find a pretty large pile of old cellphones kind of sitting in the corner. I’m not sure where they came from but I also know that there’s only one person in the house with a cellphone, and it’s been the same one for quite some time. I asked around and found out that they’re old ones that haven’t been active since plans were upgraded/downgraded in the past. I know for sure that I have two (possibly three) sitting in a box in the closet and then I thought about a site I came across named and thought: Why should I recycle my cell phone? It’s an honest question, of course I wanted answers.

Top 10 Free Downloads

Stay in touch with friends, edit and share photos, and avoid security subscription fees: These applications and utilities are must-downloads for any new (or old) laptop.