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With all of the buzz surrounding the new iPhone, it’s no surprise to me that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of making their sites iPhone compliant. Just having standards compliant website isn’t necessarily going to help you out this time. I personally have no idea what my website will look like on an iPhone, mainly because I refuse to go out and actually purchase one.

I came across a theme today that’s made specifically for WordPress and is optimized for viewing on Apple’s iPhone. The only cool thing about this theme, however, is the fact that it detecs the iPhones User Agent and shows this special them to iPhone users ONLY. It will not over-write your current weblog theme so users viewing this theme through Firefox, IE, Safari, etc.. will still see the same website, only iPhone users will get a more basic one.

The hack can be found on iwphone.contentrobot.com. It’s a free theme and all you’d have to do is upload it to your plugins folder and activate it inside of your wordpress installation. It’s a very basic bare-bones kind of a format but I can say that you can edit the stylesheet around a bit if you’re really that interested in keeping everything looking the same, even if it’s going on the iPhone itself. Right now it offers a default blue and white template, you can change it around to a black one, i’m almost positive that it actually works. If you’ve got an iPhone, please by all means load my website and let me know what you think, or if it even works for that matter.

It’s a great idea to have created this theme, I just hope it actually works out well for the serious bloggers that know of their visitors loading their website through all walks of life at this point.


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