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I consider myself to be an animal lover but my love for animals isn’t limited to cats and dogs. I find all animals to be special creatures and feel as though they should be treated fairly so when I hear about product testing and see people wearing leather clothing or even fake fur for that matter, I’m instantly offended.

I recently came across a website that offers 100% Vegan Shoes and Bags for both men and women. I know that seems like kind of a strange link to come across but they have products that range from evening shoes through casual work shoes that are checked for any products that contain fur, leather, wool or silk. Yes, silk is a very soft and what some would consider luxurious fabric but at what cost? It’s expensive because a poor defenseless animal was killed for it.

When I first came across this website I instantly assumed that the products were going to be very organic looking and possibly uncomfortable. To my surprise, however, I saw items on the designer level that really caught my eye. With it being summer, I’m always wearing sandals and I found a few on this site that I found very nice looking. The price tag is a little bit higher than what I would normally spend on a pair of sandals, or even shoes in general, but knowing that absolutely no animal based material is in the make-up of these items, it’s worth the price tag. The handbags are pretty cute as well. No, it’s not Prada or Fendi but you’re getting ones of much better quality as well as bags that weren’t made using any part of an animal either.


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