Top Gear Vs Formula One

Top Gear Vs Formula1 Game I’m not quite sure if any of my visitors are car enthusiasts but if, by chance, you are then the following site may be of interest to you. I came across a game today named Top Gear Vs Formula One. At first I had a little trouble trying to figure out just where it was going but it’s basically Nascar kind of car question. For every question you get right you get to kick your opponent in the face. For everyone that you get wrong, you’re the one who’s kicked.When you can get past the game, which is hard to do because it is relatively fun to play when you keep switching the characters up. you’ll notice there are plenty of other sections on the site for you to poke around in. The site itself is for both new and used cars, but considering they offer a game you’re basically getting a little bit of interaction that you wouldn’t primarily see anywhere else on the internet, for a car site at least.

There’s also a section for Motoring News where you can read about the recent news of everything from Racing to Cars in general. I can say based on the initial look of their category sidebar, that they like to talk about Mazda and Toyota quite a bit, I’m unsure if they’re heavy-hitters in the racing world but if they are, I want to assume that’s where all of the conversation is coming from.

I came across what I feel is more than likely the ugliest car in the world, though. There’s a new Suzuki designed for Europe, reference here, I don’t quite understand the point in having such a compact car and I don’t even think one could sit comfortably in it for that matter. Why do they need to have such small cars over in Europe, honestly? Please explain this to me. Around here everyone and their mother has a huge gas-guzzling SUV and over in Europe they’re basically in little matchbook cars. I just don’t understand it, really.


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