Top 50 Websites – Group 2

The best sites to keep you feeling Productive!

Ditch Microsoft Office
Online office applications are all the rage. But for top compatibility with the Microsoft juggernaut, go with ThinkFree. It works in almost the same way, with its separate word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation modules. Two modes of operation – Quick Edit and Power Edit – tailor the interface to the job at hand. Plus, ThinkFree lets you save your creations as PDFs or Microsoft Office Documents to give to everyone else.

Collaborate without being there
If you’re like many of us, you’re getting tired of the e-mail go-around at work. Central Desktop has a better answer; Put your project materials online and share all kinds of information with other team members, including project-management details, discussions, calendars, Web meetings, conferences, and even RSS feeds.

Build your own Ajax-ified site
SiteKreator lets you produce a high-quality Ajax-powered site, complete with a selection of graphical templates. Put together a sophisticated brand for your business, build in Web forms, blogs, and forum discussions, and even add members-only sections that require registration. Packages are available from free up to $40 per month, and all of them include website hosting.

Send huge files without the headaches
Before DropSend, delivering huge files to clients meant setting up an FTP site, creating a non secure Web page, or blowing up their mailboxes with huge file attachments. DropSend stores files online and lets you deliver up to 1GB-Attachments securely, all without having to install local software on your laptop.

Get Desktop-Like E-mail
If Yahoo’s learned anything from Google, it’s how to run an extended beta. We still have no clue when the company will declare it’s Yahoo Mail a finished product, but it’s robust performance, super-slick-Outlook-like interface, and brand new online integration with Yahoo Messenger are enough to keep it ahead of the Web-based email pack.

Get Organized
More than just a scheduling app. Google Calendar lets you share multiple personal calendars online in just a few clicks. Mail yourself reminders via SMS, or send your self a daily agenda. You can now even print copies, which sounds awfully old school but can come in handy when your cell phone battery dies.

Do something with your life…or atleast do something better
Compared with Lifehacker, Lifehack focuses less on geeked-out solutions for your PC and more on productivity and actual “lifehacks.” You’ll find lots of good tips on hiring, managing, and communicating with colleagues. Also, don’t miss the How-To wiki.

Store your stuff online
You can pick up 2GB of free storage just by opening an email account from any number of Internet portals. Mozy takes it a step further, giving you 2GB to back up your files and retrieve them from anywhere – all for free! 50GB of storage only costs $4.95 per month. Encrypted file transfers and automatic 30-day versioning offer additional flexibility. What we like most about this service is how little it affects your notebook’s performance; everything happens in the background according to the schedule you set.

Use pictures for passwords
Instead of memorizing dozens of logins and passwords for the sites you visit, some of which can easily be hacked, Vidoop rolls it all into one secure, handy login. It’s service works with any site that supports secure OpenID credentials. And the single login is especially secure; according to Vidoop, you’ll be protected from tricks such as keystroke logging, phishing, and other Internet spying methods.


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