Those are pretty unique

I came across a website today that claims to offer unique shower curtains. This is my review of it.

Upon opening the site I was instantly drawn to a $30 periodic table shower curtain. I then thought about all the time one can spend in the bathroom during the day and realized that not only could I do my hair but I could pick up on a little bit of science as well. Naturally anything that would approve my concentration could potentially be a great thing. I can say that learning anything new is instantly something I’m drawn to. This site offers you many science based shower curtains and up until this point, I can say that I’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s nice to come across a site where they claim something is unique and in the long run – it actually is. Yes, there’s nothing overly unique about a shower curtain but the print on it is always the kicker. Finding a periodic table and even weather related shower curtains to make me smile is always a good thing.

Check them out

I know, quite a long address but once you bookmark it, it’s easier to go to!


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