That brings back memories

PPPI’ve always wondered why women seem to spend so much money on products just to cover up something that smells bad. If your pillows stink, don’t cover them in fabreeze or cheap perfume, wash them for crying out loud!

Men are different though, they spend a lot of money on things that just smell bad. It’s rare when men actually purchase a fragrance that doesn’t make a woman want to hurl, I can honestly state that I find Axe to be the worst smelling product in the world. I only have two favorites when it comes to men and it’s more like the smell that’s connected to the person/place/time. It’s memory love for these smells, not the actual fragrance itself.

My fiance loves Micheal Jordan’s cologne, and while it smells OK it’s not exactly my favorite product in the world either. I connect it to our memories together. I know that years down the road whenever I smell that particular fragrance that I’ll be able to bring myself directly back to him and how happy we are.

Another scent that I can’t get out of my mind, nor would I want to, is curve for men. My best friend (recently passed) wore Curve for Men, this is a scent that always smelled great to me and when I happen to get a whiff of someone else wearing it, it brings back many wonderful memories.


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