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I come across many different Technology and Gadgets based websites on the internet and the running theme with majority of them is the fact that they’re based more on hype than they are of actual product reviews.

I spend a lot of time surfing through sites like Technorati because of how many blogs I can find through keywords that interest me. I came across, it’s a Consumer information blog with a heavy focus on technology and gadgets. The reviews on his site are reviews of items that he’s personally purchased and have used himself. It’s not a blog, where items are only being written about because of what was found in a magazine (raises hand – yes, I know I’m guilty of that). Thing is, I’m not financially sound enough to go out and purchase all of the cool new gadgets I write about. Trust me, I’d kill for a job at Laptop Mag so I can be one of their product testers but unfortunately I’m not so that’s just something I have to work around.

It’s refreshing to read reviews from someone who’s actually used the products they’re listing on the site. I can write many articles on my DV5000 HP Laptop but considering it’s an out-dated model ( no matter how solid it actually is ) no one wants to read about it. Consumers want to read about the newest technology and by someone who’s used them, that’s why I think Jonzee.coma would be a great resource for everyone.


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