Talk about dumb drivers…

A friend of mine is so into cars that he spends countless hours looking up everything he can in regards to motoring news. He’s been through quite a few cars in his life because he’s convinced that all cars were made for racing so naturally his insurance is rather high at the moment.

He collects posters and more than likely has quite a few supercar wallpapers saved to his hard drives to give each of his five computers (tech nerd) some kind of ‘pimpness’ as he would call it. He’s lost girlfriends because of his addiction and doesn’t quite understand why but based on all of the pictures that he has covering the walls in his apartment, it’s hard to keep him concentrating long enough to complete the conversation.

He’s been through quite a few used cars, it’s to the point where everyone around him has stated that he is no longer entitled to looking into new cars considering how easily he can destroy them. He treated his KIA hatchback as though it was a corvette, something you just don’t do, that motor was burned out within two weeks of purchasing the car. He makes it a point to pay for the car in full, hence the reason none of his ‘toys’ in the past have exceeded $2,000. I think he should just save his money for one newer good car and quit burning them out. I’m pretty sure with all of the Nascar fans out there, he’d be able to find someone to help him towards being an actual Nascar driver so he can cruise as fast as his car will allow and doing it on a closed course so he isn’t driving through people’s living rooms anymore (yes, he’s done it twice).

I just hope that more people in the world will eventually realize the importance of keeping a car in good condition and not destroying it because of purly having no sense of responsibility for yourself or others around you. It’s fine to collect posters and drool over your dream car that has the half naked woman thrown across the hood but this doesn’t mean that all cars were built for racing and I doubt the people who’ve lost friends and family members to these drivers appreciate it either.


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