Speak English!

A running trend with businesses these days is outsourcing their support staff to other countries. While this cuts back on the payroll it also causes many consumers to be unhappy with the company at hand, considering you’re unable to understand the person claiming to be Emily or Scott on the other end of the line.

A little over a year ago I had to call up HP because of a computer problem. I’m not sure how but a small little red bug decided to start walking around my screen. In an attempt to get rid of it I noticed that it wasn’t ON the screen but it had climbed through and was between the plates on the screen so it literally was inside of my monitor. By now, unfortunately, it was crushed and there was now a huge red dot in the middle of my screen, causing me to be unable to get any real work done.

Knowing that I was covered under warrenty (my laptop was two weeks old at this point) I called them and was then connected to someone named Julia who barely spoke a lick of English but she managed to attempt to pass herself off as someone who did. A phone call that would have taken any normal person approximately 20 minutes turned into about an hour because of the inability to understand the person I was speaking to.

I’ve come across many resources in my day in regards to teaching someone how to properly speak English if they want to hold a conversation where the second person isn’t constantly saying “pardon?”. One of them is Executive English classes, ETLearn.com actually will teach your non-English speaking employee how to properly speak English, especially in a business environment. If you’re someone who can’t even understand your own employees but are convinced others can – than I would suggest spending a little money and leaving it up to the professionals.


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