Soul Calibur IV

I’m reading a review about Soul Calibur IV. I’ve never personally played the game, but since it’s original version, they’ve dramatically improved their graphics. The creators focused on creating a game that’s visually appealing on such a level that other games can’t really compete.

Graphic Image below

My question is, how exactly is this comfortable?

Soul Calibur: Ivy Front

I do really need to get my scanner hooked up because the back end of this outfit looks just as painful. According to the creators themselves:

“Soul Calibur IV ups the visual ante with highly detailed costumes…but we had an awfully tough time keeping our eyes off Ivy’s jiggly tush.”

I know video games house the women that men can only dream of but am I wrong for being offended? Granted, she’s a larger frame woman – something the creators made a point of doing. They’re quoted saying “Who said thin was in?”.

I should have a better picture set of her soon, maybe even Sean will wind up purchasing this game and I can give you a players break down of the jiggly ‘goodness’ as he’s calling it.


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