Site Updates, Spam and E3 2007!

I’ve been able to maintain the status of busy bee for the last 7 hours. I had to make a few more changes to the template, none of which was cosmetic.
Unfortunately I was unaware of the fact that the spam protection on all of my email forms was defunct which is why I was noticing a high-volume of spam email being thrown into my inbox. I absolutely hate spam and thankfully the script works again so I should have no problems keeping the bulk of the spam at bay. I fully understand that it won’t catch all of the spam being thrown into it but at least it will catch most of it and I will no longer have to open a business based inbox that’s 80% spam and 20% important submitted forms.

I’ve done quite a bit of posting on all of my domains. I have to admit that it’s been rather hard for me considering I’m still under the weather and I’m sitting in a rather dusty office so my throat has decided to dry up on me, nothing a little extra water couldn’t fix I suppose.

It’s about 3 minutes past 10:00am and in approximately 2 hours, E3 2007 will have another press release in regards to what’s going on with Sony in the upcoming year. I’m waiting for Sean to wake up so that he’s able to watch this release and fill me in on what they’re talking about. He’s written a few times on his own site in regards to this convention, E3 2007 Microsoft Press Conference and E3 2007 being his current entries on the subject.

I was unaware of the fact that this is a three day event, but again that’s because I’m not really into the whole ‘gaming’ world the way he is. He seems to be getting a kick out of it and I assume that’s all that matters – right?


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