Running your own business.

When it comes to running your own business, it’s sometimes hard to pay the bills soley through the income of your clients. I’ve noticed a major trend with the internet, web designers in particular, where users are going with outside sources such as paid blogging, filling out surveys, or touching into the advertising and marketing fields just to bring in a little bit more money at the end of the month.

The real problem with this is that a lot of other designers, more successful ones, will make you feel as though you’re ‘selling out’, I’ve got news for them … I’m not a sell out, I have bills to pay. For quite some time now I’ve managed to break even on bills, this month I’m lucky enough to have exceeded previous months income with a few new clients but this doesn’t mean I’m going on a spending spree, I just know for sure that next month I should have no problems making the cut when the checks go out.

Something that many freelancers look into, but are rarely approved for, are payday loans. If bills are really tight than naturally you’re going to have to look for an outside source but the problem with payday loans are the fact that they’re based on your income and when you’re a freelancer working off the books until you’ve been paid over $500 from the client, it’s hard to be approved for such a loan. It’s hard to be approved for any loan when there is no formal employer claiming you on their pay roll. This, I feel, is the only downside to having a home based business.


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