Review: LoversPlanet

I came across a website today named, this is my review of it.

They are a dating service that list the profiles of Russian brides and single Russian women seeking foreign men for both online dating and marriage. Based on the information I read, in order to use this service all female members are required to have a short phone interview. New members can send free introduction emails whomever they’re interested in. Their website features an Online Now section as well as a Top 100 Russian Brides list.

I have to say that while I don’t completely agree with shipping your bride in from another country I can also say that the bulk of the women in America are too stuck up for their own good so if a man decides to look elsewhere, there’s no problems there. I have, however, heard cases of these women coming to America only to be setup with men who are too horrible for words and treat them as though they’re slaves. I find this both inhumane and just sickening in general.

I’ve also heard of many men using Russian brides for drug trafficking and prostitution. Anyone who agrees with this lifestyle should be brought out back and shot. A resource like LoversPlanet is here to bring actual relationships together, not to fill someones personal fantasies of OWNING a foreign woman.

If you’re someone who’s looking to find a mate and find Russian women to be so attractive to the point of wanting to marry one and bring them to America, I wish you the best of luck. I do hope, for the womans sake, that you are a nice man with the best of intension’s. I’d hate to open up the newspaper to read an article about the horrible things done to a new American citizen because of an evil man without a backbone.


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