Review: Cedar Wood Furniture

I came across a website that offers you outdoor cedar furniture, these are my thoughts.

I’ve always found this form of furniture to be quite gorgeous but this doesn’t take away from the price tag. I remember running into my grand mothers closet numerous times because of the ceder smell. This furniture is for outdoor use, and it’s based on an Ecommerce store so naturally this is where you’ll spend some money. They have everything from dog houses to standard patio furniture. I thought a few of the dog houses were rather unique and while I think it’s great having some kind of protection for our dog while they’re outside, I don’t believe in leaving them out there. A family pet is meant to be a family pet – bring it indoors you know? Naturally I’d take any of those houses and set them up in my living room though. The quality of this furniture seems fairly nice but I will say that the price tag certainly does match up with that as well. A house that I was interested in would cost me in the $400 range and I think that’s just a little too much for my personal budget. This doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who would spend it, trust me.

All in all it’s a fairly decent site, it could use a little bit of a touch up here and there but that’s the designer in me talking at the moment.


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