Review: Bloggers-r-Us

Today I came across a website named Bloggers-r-Us. The following article is my thoughts and opinions on this website.

In the blog world there are many sites out there that will catch your eye, and while this site is based on a pre-made WordPress based template, that – for me – doesn’t take away from the actual content value of the site itself. This site is here as a resource group blog for fellow bloggers to use to help work their way around the internet.

Articles on this blog are filed in many different categories from blog marketing and paid blogging to CSS design and even plug-ins that you can use on your own website to gain full functionality of the programs you’re using to publish your website.

A feature that I found to be pretty interesting was that this site isn’t only a resource of basic articles but somewhat of a review site as well. They have a section named Great Blogs where they post about blogs that they’ve found to be link worthy enough to give a quick review of the blog and then help that blogger gain some hits in the process. There are currently only five in the database but considering the site is as new as it is, I’m sure there will be plenty more in the future.

The articles on their site are clearly written and members get to the point. I’ve bookmarked this site because not only am I sure of the fact that I’ll visit it often, I also believe that they’ve got something really good starting up here and I love to watch websites grow over time. I wish them a lot of luck with their website.


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