Are you in the market for insurance? Auto, home, life, or health? Maybe even renter, disability, LTC, cancer, burial or annuity insurance? Finding the right policy can be a pain for everyone involved. I came across a website today that offers you the ability to search through both personal and business based affordable health insurance but they also offer all of the other types of insurance I’ve listed above.

I poked around their website for a few moments and it seems they’re primarily a search engine where you can compare the rates of all of the insurance companies in their database. I did a search for personal health insurance because, at this moment, that’s the most important to me considering the bulk of my dental issues and the fact that I’m currently on a weight-loss plan and not consulting a doctor about it.

So I clicked on the “Health” icon, and then filled out the form. I was then brought to a screen asking me if I was interested in combining insurance, which I skipped because I’m not and then I was brought to a page that said:

Thank you for submitting your information to You will be contacted shortly with the best bids on your insurance. While you are under no obligation to purchase the insurance, your courtesy and accessibility are expected and appreciated.

I don’t want a phone call, I want an actual listing of insurance rates! It’s a waste of time for me to be on the phone with someone in regards to this, the point of the internet is for convenience, the phone is not part of that convenience! In the form I filled out, a phone number is actually required information. I should have figured from the get go that this wasn’t going to be a good deal.

Yes, I’m fully interested in actually purchasing my own health insurance but I don’t want to be on the phone in regards to it. How come you can shop around and compare everything else online without having to deal with the phone but when it comes to insurance, this company depends on the phone based conversations for a sale? I’d say it’s commission based, but that’s my take on it.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to deal with a phone call then I’d recommend them. If you’re looking to just get your quotes and go, without having to speak to anyone, then keep searching.


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