Resources: Poker Strategy

While continuing on my search for Mac based resources. I came across a new poker strategy section on that I found rather interesting.

Strategy does play a huge role in poker so learning how to tap into this strategy is always a good thing, and something that any serious player – new or old – should take very seriously. You’re playing for real cash in many situations and it’s important to understand everything that’s going on around you.

This site houses many articles in regards to cash based games, online games, poker theories, poker math and even poker tactics that you can use to better your game. For those who are a bit more advanced with poker, there is also a section for poker tournament strategy as well.

While the bulk of the information listed here are things that I already knew in regards to poke. I do believe, however, that for those whom have never played the game or for those who are new to the game, they can find this resource very helpful. Many people don’t realize the many different variations of poker that there currently are. In that regard there are more tournament based card games than many people actually know of. This site is entirely about poker though, and I’m sure you’d find it to be very useful. For those just starting out, I would highly recommend that you spend some time on the article in regards to Limit Holdem Strategy.


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