Resources: DUI and Criminal Law FAQ

Unfortunately, I know many people whom have been arrested on both DUI and DWI charges. They don’t really know where to go but they also don’t know what questions to ask or even if there’s anything they can personally do to help themselves.

PPPThe majority of the time I point them directly to Google and then from there they come across sites like the Criminal Attorneys in Los Angeles: Frequently Asked Questions – Law Blog. I know it seems a little wordy but that’s the title of the site so at least I’m going to keep it in tact, you know? These people help you to understand what’s going on. They specialize in Criminal & DUI Defense and discuss current criminal law issues on their blog. The partners in this firm are former L.A. prosecutors with over 50 years of combined courtroom experience.

A nifty resource to keep around, I’d say.


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