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Yesterday I spoke about a website where you can donate your car to charity. I was surprised when I came across another resource named Boat Angel where you can donate your BOAT to charity.

Boat Angel receives Boat Donations to help those in need, or at risk. Their outreach center in Queen Creek, Arizona is producing young men of God through a one year Bible School & Ministry Training program and multiple daily services where boys leaving a life of drugs, alcohol and games are taught new life skills through the One Year Bible School based entirely on the word of God.

After looking further into this program, you can click on a Donate My Boat link and then whatever proceeds are made for this product the children are then put through what seems like a God based boot camp. The boys in this program run three miles, six days a week and attend high school as well as bible school. Two boys listed on the site now have straight A’s and B’s because they’re living a life that’s more structured than it was before. One of them lived in a horrible neighborhood and I assume he was dealing with drugs, gangs and what not and this program helped him to step back and look at his life to then make the changes he needed to survive his neighborhood and get back on track with his life. He’s a straight A student now and claims to have accomplished more in six months than he had in 16 years because of this program.

I guess it’s worth checking out if you actually believe in this stuff.

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