Removing a Virus

Many people are unaware of just how many viruses are floating around their ‘secured email’ and even more so around the websites they frequently visit. There are many different methods to catching and removing viruses, well – programs at least. The following is an article on a program that I swear by.

I’ve been using AVG Free for quite some time now. My fiance actually introduced it to me because for many years I was using Norton Anti-Virus and continued to wonder just why my computer was acting up. AVG Free picks up all of the viruses that most programs won’t. They know where to look in regards to viruses because virus programmers are literally dumb enough to format their viruses to hide out in the same places, places that programs like Norton and MacAfee have yet to discover.

AVG was created by a company named Grisoft. They aren’t limited to virus protection. They also help you to protect against Spyware as well. Unfortunately they only have a trial version for Spyware protection but in a later article I will give you resources on other free spyware protection programs that are very effective. Grisoft has been around for quite some time now and have kind of lingered in the shadows behind programs like Norton and MacAfee until users realized that free protection that actually worked was a better route to take. Now with over 50 million people using their program, Grisoft has stepped out from the shadows and has proven time and time again to be one of the best programs to have on your computer.

If you’re looking for free virus protection that actually works, then check out It’s worth the download.


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