Random Acts of Bling

I came across a website today that I found to be so genuinely sweet it’s unbelievable. A woman gives away free jewelry in a promotion named “Random Acts of Bling”.

It’s not a charity and it certainly isn’t something that’s that well known as of yet but once a week she has a contest where you can win a free piece of jewelry. To enter, you just have to leave a comment about something that is good about humanity or even an act of kindess. The intent of the contest is to remind people that they are special and that good things can happen. I did some more reading into it and I have to say this is one of the most unique humanitarian effort I’ve ever seen. What woman doesn’t feel special when a piece of jewelry comes into their possession.

According to the site, the winner can gladly keep the jewelry or they can randomly give it away to anyone who’s feeling invisible. An example used was a Mom who’s kids are screaming in a restaurant. I personally think a mother standing in a store while her daughter is whining about the $200 pair of shoes that won’t be purchased for her deserves one as well.

If you’re someone who heavily believes in pay it forward, karma, or just being a good person than you may want to get involved. It could be a great experience for you.


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