Product Testing: Freeze It

Freeze It PPPA few days ago Sean came back from the mailbox with an extra special letter addressed to me. It came from a company that I’ve been with for almost a year now and damn near sliced my hand open because of how quickly I ripped through the envelope. There, on the floor now, were samples of a product named Freeze It and I was hand selected to be part of the testing for this product. I picked up the package after reading the letter to find that the product is for those with joint and muscle pain looking for some relief.

I’m someone who’s dealt with some pretty bad joint pain in my hands for many years now. This comes from typing all day long and even clicking the mouse can be painful at times when my hands don’t wish to be nice to me. I’ve been through many different products for this pain but nothing has really ever worked for me. Which is unfortunate considering how much money I’ve spent on creams and pills over the last few years in order to adjust the damage I’ve basically brought upon myself. Construction workers have back pain and someone who types all day like secretaries and web programmers have carpal tunnel.

Now, the letter stated that a friend and I are supposed to try this product and then write down our feelings on it. I called in my resident guinea pig, Sean, and told him to throw some of this stuff on his knee. He damaged his knee on the wrestling team in high school many years ago and he’s still dealing with the pain of it to this day. If he walks around too much or even if he sits too long he finds himself in a lot of pain to the point of not being able to move at all without screaming in agony. Now, naturally you would expect someone to go to the doctor and get some prescription meds for it but he’s not the average person and stubborn is really his middle name.

PPPSo, I called him over and said “show me your leg” he tilted his head to the side like a puppy that had just heard a strange noise and continued with a “huh?” I explained to him that it’s a new product named Freeze It and he needs to test it with me. He was timid about it (again, stubborn man) but that didn’t stop me. I cracked open the packaging and began to rub his knee down with the product. All you heard was “Ahh COLD!” because it’d been sitting in the mail room for most of the day so naturally air conditioning is going to effect packaging. At first I noticed a strange alcohol based smell coming off of it but that quickly subsided. Now, knowing that I’ve rubbed his knee down for him in the past I knew that if there’s any difference this time, it’s more than likely going to be the product. A few moments later he noted about how his knee did actually feel a little bit better and it was maybe 6 hours or so before he felt any kind of discomfort after the fact, which is rare in itself.

Since I’d had the product on my hands while rubbing it into his leg I did notice a little bit of a difference as well that did last a little while but before there was any kind of pain relief I did experience a little bit of a burning sensation from the product itself. It wasn’t greasy, it didn’t stink for very long and it did help my hands a little bit but I wound up having to get right back to work a little while later and over working your hands, even with treating them, can lead to any kind of relief wearing off rather quickly.

I can say that I’d recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for fast relief that lasts for a little while. It isn’t greasy, it doesn’t stain and it only smells of alcohol for a few moments. I think this is why my hands may have been burning because my skin is rather sensative around my hands because of the carpal tunnel.


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