Product Reviews: SanDisk Sansa Connect

Looking into a new MP3 Player and want to avoid Apple? The following is a review for the SanDisk Sansa Connect.

Receiving 3 1/2 out of 5 stars the $249.00, 4GB flash-based SanDisk Sansa Connect stands out because of it’s Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re near a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can listen to Yahoo’s LaunchCast internet radio service, send and receive song recommendations, and view photos from Flickr. To really benefit from the Wi-Fi features, you’ll need a Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go Subscription, which lets you download music over the air. The player comes with a free $30-day trial to this subscription and after that it will then cost you around $15 per month, around $12 per month if you purchase an annual subscription.

The Connect’s sound quality is good, despite some system noise and the scroll wheel-driven interface is pretty simple to use. The accessory bundle includes an AC charger, lanyard, protective case, USB cable, and some decent ear buds. Battery life isn’t great even with the Wi-Fi off, and you can’t send songs to another user or connect to another device.

Pros –
– Built in Wi-Fi
– Excellent integration with LaunchCast Radio and Yahoo Music.
– Intuitive interface and controls
– MicroSD expansion

Cons –
– Subpar battery life
– Short wi-fi range
– Audible system noise with MP3’s


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