Pet Owners, Listen up!

I found a website for pet owners that I think would be a pretty valuable resource.

It’s called, it’s a guide to dealing with flea problems and it also has FAQ’s for a number of pet health related issues for your cats and dogs. If you have a dog or cat that spends some time outdoors and you’re looking into getting rid of fleas on your cat or your dog, then this site would be a great resource for you to look over.

I’ve, knock-on-wood, never had to deal with a flea problem because I take preventative measures to insure that I don’t have the potential for excess vet bills due to diseases that Fleas and Ticks can leave on an animal. For those who have forgotten to place the monthly gel on their dogs/cats or have just never done it before, than surf around this site – you could learn some valuable information.


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