Norton for FREE?

For anyone looking for a fairly decent anti virus program, this is more than likely the place for you.

I came across, they offer you a free free Antivirus download. Originally I thought “OK, great – another free software that won’t work” until I found out that they’re offering Norton Anti Virus. You download this Google pack and it instantly makes it free. I assume Google is sponsoring this distribution company hence the reason this is all possible.  I’ve paid for Norton in the past and I honestly didn’t find it capable of maintaining speed the way many other free programs do. However, considering it’s free I’d say it’s worth a shot – honestly.

There are quite a few reviews but the one coming directly from Symantec (Norton’s Creator) says nothing about this being a free download. I’ll have a more – personal – review on it later this evening after I’ve downloaded the program for myself to test it out.

I haven’t used Norton in quite some time considering I have free software that works the same way. I don’t, however, have the constant protection that Norton provides. I assume this would be a great product but I can, for sure, say that from the get go until I’ve done some more research on it.


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