New Resource: Switch Planet

I just came across a social media trading website where members can switch their old DVDs, CDs, Games and even books with other members for free. There’s the option for friends, groups and forums to allow members to communicate during the trades. From first glance it’s MySpace, but with an actual purpose other than vanity photos in the mirror and whiny teenagers with ‘coolies’ layouts.

The site is called The point of the site is to get rid of the unused items that are gathering dust and pick up some new and interesting titles in the process. How many of you have video games that you haven’t touched in years? What’s the point in keeping them around when they really aren’t worth anything to you? I can bet that there are collectors on this site looking to build up their personal game database and they would actually utilize these games the way you personally can’t. It’s a completely free site to sign up to, you set up your member profile and then list the items you want to trade and then you’ll be ready to switch from there.

I think it’s worth checking out if you happen to be a pack rat that’s interested in getting rid of some of your unused items.


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