New Resource: Cell Phones in the UK

If you’re like me, you may spend quite a bit of time comparison shopping for the product that you’re interested in buying. A big thing for me lately is comparison shopping for a new mobile phone because my current cell phone is on the verge of death and frankly, I’m not overly interested in spending over $400 on the new iPhone because I refuse to house my phone with Cingular/AT&T services – I hate them.

So I like to do some shopping around the net and in my quest to search for the ultimate plan I came across a site for UK residents that may help you guys out if you’re looking into any kind of online mobile phone shops. The site is called and it’s naturally a UK based site that collects and desplays the best mobile phone deals from many retailers which saves the buyer quite a bit of time during a busy day while still having the ability to find the best deal. Great prices and less work are always a great resource to tap into, in my eyes at least.

Through them you have the ability to find everything from 12 months free line rental and many other free line rental mobile phone deals through numerous providers in the entire UK region.

I did some poking around their site and came up with some pretty interesting information. If only they could have a site just like this in the US, I think I’d have less trouble choosing the plan that’s right for me!


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